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We want you to feel safe while at the QMU. For this reason we have a Zero Tolerance policy on the following behaviours:

  • Unwanted sexual comments, including comments on an individual’s body or private life

  • Comments deemed as racist, religious discrimination, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, transphobic and disablist

  • Unwelcome sexual invitations, innuendos (sexual suggestions), and offensive gestures

  • Wolf whistling, catcalling, or offensive sexual noises

  • Groping, pinching or smacking someone’s body

  • Moving or grabbing someone’s clothes without consent

  • Exposure of sexual organs

  • Producing, capturing or sharing images which breach someone else's privacy

  • Any conduct which intimidates, degrades, humiliates or violates an individuals’ dignity (this includes our staff)

If you need to make a complaint about behaviour you have experienced or witnessed in the QMU please head here to see our complaints procedure.

17th September 2019

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