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Where the event within the Venue is open to persons aged 14 – 17 year old


A. A person 14 – 15 years old must be accompanied by a person 18 or over.

B. 16 years old and over must have valid photographic identification to prove age if requested.

C. Photographic ID to prove age for persons aged 14-15 may also be requested.


a) To ensure the safety of all customers, we may conduct security searches upon entry to and exit from a Venue as well as during the Event. This may include searches of clothing, bags and other items.

b) We reserve the right to refuse entry if you refuse to be searched. No refund or compensation will be given if entry is refused.


To ensure the safety of all customers, we reserve the right to refuse admission to, or to eject a person from the Venue without a refund or compensation. This may include, without limitation, if you: 

a) breach these Terms and Conditions; b) pose a risk to yourself and/or others; c) fail to be searched; d) breach of any of our licensing conditions (e.g. purchasing alcohol for minors)


We operate a Challenge 25 policy. Valid physical photographic Identification will be requested if you look under 25.

Please do not be offended if asked for ID.

We do not accept photographs of Identification as prove of age.


Forms of Identification accepted:

Valid passport/Valid Driving License/Biometric Immigration Card



No pass outs or readmissions will be issued except in limited circumstances and at our discretion.


· Any item that could be considered a weapon.

· Illegal drugs of any sort including unmarked liquids or pill medication bottles.

· Alcohol, cans, bottles, including any glass objects or vessels or metal cans and objects

· Anything deemed dangerous by the Venue Manager.

· Prohibited items - all items are subject to change without notice by venue management.

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