Tech  Committee

The Tech Team meet in the Board Room on Tuesdays at 17:00. It is their job to help our other committees to operate any sound and lighting equipment that they may need at their events. If you want to gain experience in operating AV equipment then there really is no better place than the Tech Team. Whether you are a complete beginner, or if you have some experience in running AV, the Tech Team will take you on and find events which suit your skill level and that you are comfortable with.

The Equipment

As a working live music venue we have a lot of equipment that needs to be maintained and operated properly. As the Tech Team will tell you, not all of our stuff is in the best condition (50 year’s operating as a live venue tends to take its toll on a place) but more often than not it does the job it needs to.


Often part of the fun of being on Tech can be finding solutions to some of the problems our more old-fashioned bits of equipment throw up. There really is nothing more satisfying than finding a way to jerry-rig a sound or lighting system 5 minutes before a club is due to start – you feel like a genius. The longer you stay with Tech the better you’ll get to know the various bits and bobs we have in our venue, and within a few months you’ll be able to chat tech with the best of them.

The Events

As you’ll see on pages 24-26 we run a lot of different activities here at the QMU and for each and every one we need some form of technical assistance. The events that Tech are asked to help run range from fairly simple things like setting up a microphone for a presentation in our Bar, to more advanced set-ups such as programming and running a lighting sequence for a club-night. Whatever your skill level, Tech are delighted to have you on board and will try their best to give you the training you need to operate the equipment you want to.


Tech Team volunteers are just that – volunteers – so they aren’t usually asked to help out on our bigger events such as Propaganda or our larger gigs, however this doesn’t mean that there won’t be opportunities to put your new Tech skills to practice. Once our Tech Team members have mastered our set-up, many of them do go onto become employees of the Union and in time get to meet the various external techs that we bring into help run our big events.

The Committee

The format of the Tech meetings is fairly simple: the Tech Convenor or Tech Team Leader will go through the events that are coming up at the Union and find out who is able to help out with what. If you have any questions about getting involved with Tech, just drop a line to line to this year’s Convenor, Alex

Meetings are Tuesdays at 5pm.
Details here.