Social  Committee

Social meet on Thursdays at 17:30. They are the team who run and plan our roster of regular daytime and evening entertainments such as our quizzes, karaoke, poetry nights, pool league, film screenings and more.

Love a bit of useless but interesting trivia? Then you will get on well at Social. Although they run a lot of different events, quizzes are really their bread and butter. Every week the committee go on the hunt for fresh, fun and new questions to keep the quizzes running and keep people coming back to the Union. Being able to think outside the box is a big bonus, and often the wackier the rounds, the better. However don’t worry if you’ve never written rounds for a quiz before, as Social is open to everyone who wants to take part.


Big Wednesdays 

Wednesdays are the big social day at QMU and feature our famous pub quiz and renowned karaoke. The Big Wednesday Night Pub Quiz has been a staple part of the QMU’s weekly line-up for more than a decade. It works because it is simple. It has six rounds with six questions in each round and standard rounds include general knowledge, current affairs, history & geography, film & TV, sport, as well as a picture and specialist round.


Throughout the year there will be a number of special themed Big Wednesdays and Social are always keen to hear your ideas for new themes. Last year themes included the 00’s, Netflix, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, The Simpsons and Harry Potter as well as seasonal quizzes on Hallowe’en and St Patrick’s Day. Following on from the quiz is our legendary karaoke which runs on until we close, or until you can’t sing anymore!

Friday Nights

A new venture for this year, the Friday Music Quiz is a perfect way to pre-drink before our live music sessions. You can expect this quiz to operate much the same as Big Wednesday, but be focused more around music. Following the Quiz, we have Friday Night Residencies, a new project aimed at providing the hottest new Glasgow bands, live and for free in the QMU! Social are keen for your input to make Fridays as much of a staple as Bid Wednesday is!

Meetings are Thursdays at 5.30pm.
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