Publications committee

The publications Committee meet on Wednesdays at 17:30 and are responsible for producing our magazine qmunicate. Publications (or Pubs for short) are a bit different from the other committees in that they not only have an elected convenor, but they also have appointed editors who help to run the magazine.

The editors each handle a different aspect of the magazine, including: Arts & Culture, Music, Film Features, Lifestyle, News & Opinion, Photography & Illustration, Science & Technology, Advertising & Fundraising and Online. Applications for the editorial positions open around Easter and are chosen by the convenor who is also the Editor-in-Chief – if this sounds up your street keep an eye out on their socials! @qmunicate



What with there being multiple magazines vying for attention, student media at UofG can be pretty competitive, however qmunicate do their best to be the most fun and welcoming of the bunch. Whether you’re an accomplished writer or just starting out in journalism, you should find something at Pubs that interests you.


At the committee, the Editor-in-Chief will first go around the table asking each of the editors to introduce themselves and pitch their ideas for articles. The committee will then get a chance to discuss the pitches, and if you want to take one on then you can commit to writing it.


Some articles will be short and will end up online ( and some may be longer which can go in the print edition [published twice per term]. The format of the magazine is pretty relaxed so if an editor pitches an article and you have your own take on it, don’t be afraid to speak out! They will most likely welcome your ideas.


Because qmunicate has been around for a while now and is pretty well known around the City, the magazine gets access to a bunch of great freebies such as new albums to review and special press passes to review local gigs, plays and films. Qmunicate writers are also encouraged to attend and review the many gigs and events that take place in the Union.


If writing isn’t your thing then Pubs also have positions for the other roles that go into making a magazine. For instance, the Online Editor gets great experience in running a Wordpress site and social media accounts, the Photography & Illustration editor is tasked with sourcing artwork for and designing the magazine, and the Advertising & Fundraising editor’s job is to work with the editor-in-chief to make the magazine profitable.


If you have any questions about Pubs, get in touch with Susanna the Convenor / Editor-in-Chief at

Meetings are Wednesdays at 5.30pm.
Details here.