Why you should become a CSR - Chris's Diary Entry 25/02/21

Being a CSR comes with many benefits; including friends who are obligated to be your friends (jokes we are just a bubbly group of people), awesome gig tickets to ‘I liked them before they were cool’ bands and some of the dankest memes of the 21st century from this Top Shagger. As we often stress with our (overused) motto “run BY students, FOR students” is actually fully accurate.

I initially got involved with the Social and Campaigns & Charities committees respectively before becoming a CSR, when I was just a measly quiz contender (look at me now dad!). Even then I was welcomed and was encouraged to get involved, see what it is like behind (or should I say before) the scenes and contribute to the enjoyable nights I was accustomed to having with my flat mates. Since then, I can easily say the QMU is a second home of mine and a place that will never leave for a pack of cigarettes or some milk (15 years too soon).

Some may say our building looks ugly but, just like what my maw tells me, the beauty comes from the inside. Something I should not be proud admitting, but I spent more of my first year inside the QMU than the library or any classroom (If mum or Muscatelli asks, I was in the study room). This wasn’t solely just due to the events on or the insane drink deals (heartbreak hotel xx just want £1 alcopops back xx) but also because of the ethics and principles the QMU holds itself responsible with.

Being a CSR has led to me becoming social leftie and cohosting the quizzes I once would go to and I’ve enjoyed every moment since. Being a CSR gives you the opportunity to really experience the full student experience and, let’s be honest, lookin kinda thicc on that transcript 😉. All in all, I truly recommend getting involved and becoming a CSR – there is no pressure on what is expected from you as the hope is that shot of chris mid quiz

whatever you’re doing, you’re enjoying it.

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