Why being a Convener is worth your time - QMU Elections

I’m Heather, the current Convenor of the QMU Campaigns & Charities Committee. I am in my final year of my Honours degree in Pharmacology.

Joining the QMU Student Assembly and becoming Campaigns & Charities Convenor is the best thing I have done at uni. I've gained so much from my role and helped to raise thousands of pounds for worthy causes and championed campaigns important to me and other students. Becoming part of the QMU Student Assembly gave me a platform to enact real change at Glasgow University that benefits students and the local community every day.

Not many students can leave uni and say they successfully introduced free menstrual products into their union and spearheaded a campaign to destigmatise menstruation, as well as organised one of the most successful charity balls in the QMU’s history and raised the second highest charity total ever recorded during Freshers Week. QMU gave me the opportunity to do all of this and so much more and I would strongly encourage anyone to run in the upcoming election.

As well as interpersonal and organisation skills, I have gained friends for life and a sense of achievement that I would not have got from university alone without joining the QMU and making the most of the opportunities offered to me there. Through my role as Campaigns & Charities convener, I have realised that I want to continue my charity work on into a career. Through my position at the QMU, I have made contacts within the NGO and charity sector which is extremely helpful for advice and support on future employment.

Over my 4 years here I have realised that it is definitely true that "the university gives you your degree, but the union gives you your education" and I am grateful that I was able to be part of the important work that the QMU does.

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