What it's like being President and why you should run!

Being President is a lot of fun, a considerable challenge and an intense privilege. As President, students have put their trust in you to run their Union and represent their voices.

The job is incredibly varied. Over the course of the year, I worked in charities, events management, HR, bar/venue management, student representation, advocacy and many other fields in my role, and it gave me a huge range of valuable professional and life experience. Highlights have included supporting Green New Deal and Arms Divestment, taking part in our QMU Live and Podcast Sessions and of course Freshers’ Week. I was disappointed not to have the chance to meet and engage with more students this year. The chances I got to meet our students were really rewarding and it’s a much bigger part of the role in normal years.

I’d fully recommend the Presidency to anyone who is passionate about helping students, standing up for them and about having a great night out. Though this year has been far from what I wanted or expected, it has given me invaluable experience and insight in

This year is a very interesting time to run. The QMU is coming out of a few hard years but hasn’t had the chance to build on our successes and recent stability. You have the chance to lead the new QMU and set it on its course for the future and your year will definitely have a huge impact. If you are considering running, drop me a line and I am happy to talk to you about the role.

Find out more and nominate yourself today at -

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