Week 9

I've been playing catchup a bit this week and like most of the Union have been caught up in the rush preparing for Freshers. My flight came in halfway through the day, so I didn't work on Monday except for out weekly catchup meeting with management. Tuesday was largely taken over by organising meetings and responding to all the emails I'd received over the last week, as well as our weekly Cross Campus meeting.

Again, much of this week was taken up with the appeal process but I have now gathered all the research I had planned to this week, so I am ready to proceed with the process.

On Wednesday I chased up various projects for our VPBoard and Tech Team. We rescheduled our meeting with SWAG due to the amount we all have on this week. However, I also worked on the project for that group.

Thursday was my Birthday, which involved a Univeristy Strategy Development meeting and various appeal meetings. I had more work like this on Friday but also took a little time to clear out waste from the Board Flat.

I've also been writing the handbook this week which has took up the rest of my time, especially this weekend.

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