Week 8

What a week. This has been a super busy one, hence only getting round to posting just now. This week has been bookended by two full days filming, filming the Freshers' Guide content for GUST on Monday and then QMUTV stuff today.

A confidential legal matter for the Union has dominated work this week and much of my time has been spent dealing with and researching this issue. Unfortunately I can't go into more detail but as you can imagine it has taken a huge amount of time and has been a steep learning curve.

This week has also featured intense changes to our Freshers' situation. We'll announce what we've been working on very soon but for now we're keeping it under wraps.

Sorry that this weeks update has been a little cryptic but sometimes that is the way of things. I try to be as transparent as possible here but when it comes to confidential business and upcoming announcements their really isn't much I can say about it.

Anyway, I'm off to Greece to take a nice break. So you won't hear from me till I'm back in a week. Have a good one.


President 2020/21

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