Week 7

In short, this week has been slow and frustrating. The week has been dominated by conversations, complications and confusions related to our Freshers' Week platform. This debate was only resolved on Thursday when we agreed to to go on the same Native platform as the other student bodies. This issue has taken up a lot of time this week.

I've had several productive meetings this week. On Monday the Exec had a check in with Margaret and attended Freshers' Week Committee.

Tom, Josh and I had an ideas session for the Freshers' Week Sketch Show on Tuesday, on Thursday I met out Operations Manager for 3 hours in the afternoon, took a quick call from Amy at the SRC and I talked to the Glasgow Guardian on Friday to introduce ourselves to each other.

The rest of the week has largely been chasing up small issues and script wiritng for QMUTV. I'm really excited for out program over the week, it looks fantastic. I also dropped into the Union to help film and continue the process of clearing out the Exec Office.

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