Week 6

On Monday, I did the University's training on their social distancing measures. I organised and updated agendas and sent out the documents to externals. I made a graphic and post for social media. I also wrote up details of the Native proposal. I then chaired the BofM meeting, 2.5 hours, it was a long but productive meeting.

I arranged a meeting with our employment lawyer for Thursday on Tuesday and made more graphics for social media. On Tuesday morning I had a call with Nam. GUU President. We had a meeting with Tom from Unite about our current situation then had a check in with our CEO. On Wednesday I had a meeting with the VPBoard and managed to get along to the second half of the cross campus BHM meeting. A CSR who had been there the whole time provided me notes from the BHM meeting and I looked over them.

The majority of work on Thursday and Friday was helping our VPMCS with Freshers' stuff. I made eight graphics. I also wrote an introductory statement for the QMU and chased up some queries for the VPMCS. I added a few ideas to the sketch show document and had a discussion with our Events Manager about the Native proposal. I had a personal meeting with Tom from Unite on Friday and I had a meeting with the employment lawyer on Thursday morning.

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