Week 5

Monday was a busy day, I was back home in Edinburgh after a nice weekend away. I compiled the reports for our Board Meeting and attended the Cross Campus Fresher's Week committee. I also met with Monique, the Elephant Convenor to discuss plans for resit diet destress and got her in touch with the SRC.

On Tuesday I was travelling home from Edinburgh, I used the journey to compose an important email and ammended some problems with reports. In the afternoon I helped our tech team record our second live music session.

I had a call with Unite on Wednesday to check in with progress for recognition. I chatted with Josh about content for QMUTV. We set up a working document and started sharing ideas for it. I also did some research on social distance procedures and on some legal information I need.

On Thursday I had a chat with Jamie, Comms Officer at the SRC, he was proposing a platform for streaming our events online in Freshers. The Exec checked in with a CSR about a committee they're on. We had a conversation afterwards between ourselves about Jamie's proposal. I made graphics and a post for our social media.

Due to the scorching weather I finished early on Friday but have worked on Saturday to make up the hours. I organised the agenda and some proposals for the Board of Management meeting on Monday. I did some research into Eid Al Adha and made a post about it for social media as well as produced 2 graphics and posts for our board's favourite books. We also recorded kitchen content on the Friday night in out kitchen.

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