Week 4

So ends Week 4, I'm coming up for a month as President. As terrifying as that is I suppose time flies when you're having fun. This week has been a lot more productive and has seen more reassuring signs of life.

On Monday, I did work on our socials, posting an instagram story and posting the responses. I chased up a few queries with Stewart about bands and gigs that came through our website. Laoise and I had a meeting with the folks from GUST student television about the Freshers' Guide and what we want to put into it. I also had a phone catchup with Bryan from Unite about the current situation.

On Tuesday, Lachlan and I went in to start the long process of clearing out our office. Sorting out papers, tidying away boxes, clearing out crap and unfortunately a few stray wotsits. We were then additional members of tech team for the rest of the day as we helped set up to record a band tomorrow.

Wednesday was my busiest day as President so far, we went in to continue tidying in the morning. We still have a huge amount to do but it's getting there and we'll go in to paint soon. We spent the day recording and filming a great band, Supercloud. We then finished the day with more cleaning in the office. It was also our Freshers' Week Committee that day. It sure feels nice to spend 2 full days in the Union and even the office has staretd looking pretty.

Thursday and Friday were a bit quieter overall. Most of these days was spent contacting bands and working on admin stuff. I tried to arrange us a minibus for Freshers and got in touch with a couple of other Unions around Scotland to find out what they are doing to social distance Freshers'Week and read through the minutes for Cross Campus on Monday.

I attended a very useful seminar on student safety by the 'Good Night Out' charity on Thursday night and got quite a lot of information on how to improve student safety on campus. I wrote up notes from that Seminar today.

Anyway, I'm off to the highlands for the weekend, have a good one.


President 2020/21

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