Week 3

This week has been a mixed bag, I've managed to keep myself busy and managed to work on a lot of different projects.

On Monday I had a long meeting with one of our CSRs who is closely involved with Student Activism in Glasgow. We had a very productive discussion about what the Union could do to welcome and support activists on campus and formulated some proposals and introdcutory emails to get started on improving this aspect of our services.

I wrote a statement, make a graphic and released a post in support of Post Graduate Funding. This campaign was organised to support students in Northern Ireland and Scotland who receive less opportunities for funding for Post-Graduate study.

I attended the Cross Campus Freshers Week meeting on Thursday and we tried to get some more clearance on how Freshers will look this year. Unfortunately given the circumstances it's still up in the air.

As promised last week, my priority this week was working on social media content. I taught myself how to make graphics and use photoshop this week. While it has been a long learning process, I'm happy with the results. I organised several social media projects to work on, the first of which I released on what people miss during Lockdown. Now that I have the basic skills down it will be a much quicker process in future hopefully.

I worked on general admin/email work as well this week, organising the Fresher's Guide with GUST and signed up for a session on safety in nightclubs and Unions as part of the Building Safer Campuses convention. Today I started brainstorming some ideas for Destress for the resit diet.

See you next week,


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