Week 2: 06-10 July

This week has been a slow one in many ways, as I suspect may continue to be the case through lockdown while we have our facilities closed. I've realised pretty quickly how much of my work relies on our building. I went in for the first on Wednesday with the VPBoard and we had a meeting with the SMT for a few hours. It was eerily quiet being in the building but it was nice to be there finally. In our meeting we discussed rough plans for reopening and how the year will look. As seems to be the case with everything currently, its all pretty uncertain but we have the start of several options laid out. I've used this information to add more to out social distanced proposals.

This week, not having much on has given me helpful time to adjust to the role and read through some of the handover literature including SCVO Good Governance Checkup and deepmob's tips for 'nonprofits with volunteers'.

I shared my proposal for student safety measures to the Board and they are keen for them. We're still not entirely sure what sort of deposit system would work for borrwoing chargers so any suggestions are welcome.

I did some work on our online content for Fresher's Week and beyond. I organised some acts for gigs and wrote scripts/plans for some content. I also composed a proposal for live music sessions. I also took the initiative to start gathering a database of BAME artists/musicians within Glasgow to help bring more representation for our events and content.

I chased up subscriptions and information for some of our board members and did the usual admin stuff. For next week I'm very keen to do more work on our social media in the week ahead.

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