Update on our Sexual Harassment Policy

Dear members, students and staff,

In October last year the Glasgow Guardian published an article which revealed that there are significant issues with the QMU Board of Management's procedures for dealing with reports of sexual harassment. When the initial article was first published I made a commitment to work with our Board of Management and the University to try and amend our policy as soon as possible.

Everyone who enters the QMU should be able to trust that there are robust systems in place for reporting bullying and harassment and they should have faith that we as an organisation will always support the victims of these abhorrent types of behaviour.

Working to update our procedures has been my top priority since October 2018 but realistically this is not going to be achieved by me alone. Over the last few weeks I have been working with David Duncan (Chief Operating Officer of the University) to discuss what assistance the University can give us in improving our procedures. We have agreed with him that all cases of sexual harassment and misconduct will be reported directly to the Senate Office.

The Senate Office will undertake the necessary investigations and will take responsibility for alerting the other student bodies as appropriate. The Senate Office can also apply precautionary suspensions to individuals where appropriate. We expect the University to issue further guidance that will apply across all the student bodies in due course.

Additionally, we have made some temporary changes of our own. These include making arrangements to ensure that all candidates in our upcoming elections will be held to a higher level of scrutiny regarding past disciplinary actions than in previous years. We have also made changes so that Board Members are treated equally with regular members and are no longer exempt from having discipline on their record.

Many of you may have lost faith in the QMU as a result of all that has happened. We understand and respect this and are doing everything that we can within our power to remedy the situation and show that we are fully committed to making the QMU a safe environment for all.

If you would like to talk to me about the issues I've raised, or anything at all, please get in touch via email ( or come and chat to me in my office on the Third Floor. Furthermore, if you are someone you know is experiencing harassment or bullying at University please visit:

Mata Durkin

QMU President 18/19

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