September Update

Hello everyone, I am so sorry that it has been so long since I updated this (almost a month). My September has been a lot of very intense work that has mostly been continuously working on the same projects week in week out and honesly I haven't had much time to update this.

The biggest thing this month has obviously been Freshers' Week. The first half of this month was taken up by preparations and the week itself. The two months leading up to Freshers' this year have been incredibly intense but particularly the week before it was just chaos. Our team was working late into the night every day, 7 days a week. Indeed I worked out that when Freshers ended on the Saturday I had been working non-stop for 13 days.

I'm pleased to report that our Freshers' Week was a resounding success. We made money on the bar every night and all our events online and in person were very well received. My personal highlights was the very inventive 'musicless' Friday Music Quiz and the big Saturday bash for all the Freshers' Helpers. All our volunteers worked incredibly proud and I am so proud of all of them. Big shout outs must go to the Tech and Graphics Team without whom we couldn't have done it at all.

We have continued the work done in Freshers Week with several online events and in person quizzes. However we have been unable to build on the success of Freshers' Week and keep providing an exciting program due to the situation in halls. This very unfortunate situation has been very difficult for many students in Glasgow and we really empathise and care for them. We have been trying to look after them by putting on online content for them and helping out by volunteering in Halls. Hopefully though we will see all our students very soon and we can put on some events to help them celebrate the end of their isolation and continue integrating them into the Glasgow Community.

The rest of the month has effectively been recovery and adjustment after Freshers. I haven't really caught a break on my end, I'd intended to take a few days off but I didn't have the chance. I have still been working on appeal stuff and inevitably the daily adjustments needed to suit the ever developing government policy and the halls situation to suit our members. I have also been helping out with PR and graphics on our socials as always and our campaign with SWAG has finally launched so look out for it on social media.

I'll be back to more detailed weekly updates after this, so watch this space for more info.

Have a good one,


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