Rector Elections: QMU is proposing Junaid Ashraf!

Vote Junaid Ashraf: Young Working Rector for a Cultural Change on Campus

A Message from Junaid -

I am ecstatic to launch my campaign to be the next Rector of the University of Glasgow.

The university requires a Rector who engages, understands and champions the views and opinions of the student population. That is why I am proud to have the full backing of the Queen Margaret Union.

There is a clear gap in understanding between the priorities of students on campus and the university management. I don’t believe it is too much to ask the university to stop funding companies who profit off warfare and destroying the planet, good mental health funding and support shouldn’t be a campaign our unions fight for every year and the coronavirus response did not have student welfare at the heart of the university’s decisions.

Having met with multiple Union and Society Presidents I am excited to be advocating on a manifesto of four key pledges:

• Increasing Mental Health Support

• Act on the Climate Change Emergency

• Championing Equalities on Campus

• Supporting International Students

I will be sharing my proposed actions on my manifesto in the coming weeks before the vote on April 20th-21st. Get in touch if you have any questions and visit my page -

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