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Back in November 2018 we announced that we would be working with Atkinson HR Consultancy to produce a lasting Development Plan for the QMU. Since then we have had several productive meetings with them and our work towards completing the plan in May 2019 has been progressing well.

Recently we met with Red Brick Research who we have asked to help us produce a survey of all students at the University of Glasgow with aim of finding out how the QMU, and the other student bodies (SRC, GUSA, GUU), can work to better improve the University experience of all students.

Currently Redbrick are working on the questions for this survey and it is set to be launched on March 11th. The findings of this survey should show us what it is that students need to improve their time at Glasgow which in turn will allow the QMU to review and adjust our services appropriately so as to meet those needs.

Campus is changing rapidly and we see the need to change with it. Filling out the survey once it's released will be massively helpful in shaping the future of the QMU and our place on campus. Also, as a thank you for helping us, all students who complete the survey will be entered into a draw which will give you the chance to win big money prizes!

So keep an eye out for an email about the survey over the next few weeks and help us to make the QMU a better place for everyone.

Mata Durkin

QMU President 18/19

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