QMU Election Results

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in and voted in our recent election! Voting numbers remained consistent with last year with a large increase in Life Member voting!

Absolutely all of our candidates this year were outstanding and we admire all of the hard work that was put in to delivering such amazing campaigns. We are so exited to welcome our new representatives to the QMU for 2021/22. We hope that you all enjoy the year ahead and we are looking forward to see all of your fantastic ideas for the union come to life!

Meet The Representatives

President - Susanna Zarli

VP Board of Management - Laoise Mcwilliams

VP Memberships, Clubs and Societies - Lachlan Farquharson

Tech Convenor - Ashleigh Reece

Social Convenor - Chris McNally

Publications Convenor - Maria Kostoulia

Events Convenor - Fatima Saeed

Campaigns and Charity Convenor - Rebecca Friels

Former Student Member - David Grindlay

Current Student Representative - Iona Valentine

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