Meet the Assembly - Juliet, Vice-President


I’m Juliet Smith and I’m the Vice President Board of Management for 2019/20. I’m 22, I’m from the States (just outside Washington DC) and I’m in my fourth year studying Archaeology. I’m a massive nerd - outside uni work and volunteering at the QMU, I spend a lot of time playing D&D, board games, WoW, and watching and rewatching Star Trek.

Me (on the right) and my friend Charles at the President's Dinner

I’ve only been involved in the QMU for about a year now, surprisingly. I was a Freshers' Helper last year, and enjoyed the community of people so much that I got involved with Social Committee and then the Student Assembly this time last year. Originally, I was totally adamant I wasn’t going to run for the Assembly because I was worried about the time commitment: I was just entering third year and already had a variety of other things on my plate outside uni work (3-4 different society meetings a week, weekly social committee, weekly D&D campaign, not to mention attempting to have a social life). But after learning that the role of Current Student Representative (CSR) is essentially what you make of it in terms of time commitment and involvement, I was convinced (full disclosure: being told that if I joined board I could see some of the QM’s weird tunnels and back rooms did also help my decision).

I was a CSR for six months—I didn’t have any of my own projects I really wanted to do, so mostly I attended committees, Student Assembly meetings, did the occasional duty, and helped out where and how I could.

That’s really the beauty of the CSR role - it’s a good place to start getting more involved in the QMU, even if you don’t have your own ideas for projects or initiatives, and just want to be around to help out and get involved however you can. I had such a good time as a CSR that I decided to run for VP Board in the spring general election, and won!

With my pals at Propaganda!

The thing that I love most about the QMU, that keeps me coming back to it, and indeed why I’ve stuck with it for as long as I have and gotten involved as deeply as I have, is the sense of community. I have social anxiety and ADHD, not to mention I’m a huge nerd and weird as hell (in a good way, I like to think), so I really struggled to find a good community at Glasgow Uni. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of inclusive places on campus, but none of them have really clicked for me as much as the QMU has. I love that I’m weird and different, and the QMU has really accepted me for who I am and helped me be even prouder of that, just like it does everyone. The QMU is accepting and inclusive of everyone who steps through its doors, regardless of how weird, different, or normal you think you are, and that’s why I love it.

Juliet Smith

Vice President Board of Management 2019/20


Nominations are now open for our Autumn By-elections. Head to our governance page to find out how you can get involved and #AmplifyYourVoice

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