Meet the Exec - Courtney, President

Hello there!

I am Courtney Hughes and I am your new QMU President for 2019/20. I'm 21, I'm from North Wales, and I've just graduated with a degree in Film & Sociology. If you follow me on Twitter (@cahtbh) you'll know that I am a big fan of cacti and plants, and I am currently binge watching Grey's Anatomy (as of writing I'm on the last episode of season 12).

I've been involved with the QMU now for around 3 years. I first got involved when I was rejected as a Freshers' Helper in 2016.. and after living off the pain and heartbreak from the rejection I decided I would get more involved and joined some of the committees, such as Publications Committee (who write our magazine, qmunicate) and Social Committee (who run all of our quizzes and karaoke nights). Over the last year my role was the Vice President Membership, Clubs and Societies (VPMCS) and in that role I really enjoyed getting to organise Freshers' Week, collaborate with clubs and societies, and all of the other aspects of the position - so much so that I decided to run for President, and won! 

The job of the President involves a variety of different things but mostly it centres around getting involved in the day-to-day running of the union. Each day will be different and will have a different focus so it should make for a very interesting year! Over the next year I will be working on lots of different things, such as ensuring the QMU delivers on its strategic plan, working with our board members and staff members to ensure we have a busy year ahead, and generally making sure the QMU is providing the best student experience possible to all UofG students!  In my first two weeks as a sabbatical officer I have had over 15 meetings with a variety of people, responded to loads of important emails about a whole range of things, I have written numerous statements and newsletters - and interviewed 10 potential candidates for our new CEO!

As you can tell, the first two weeks has been a busy start to my term as a sabbatical, and I'm sure it will be no different for the next 50 weeks. However, I am really looking forward to it and looking forward to seeing the QM move in exciting new directions. If you have any questions about the QM, any recommendations to make, or you just want to have a chat, feel free to email me at - I'm always keen for a chat! 

Courtney Hughes

QMU President 19/20

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