Meet the Assembly - Zara, Current Student Rep

Hi, I’m Zara and I’m a 3rd year Immunology student. I first got involved with the QMU as a helper during Freshers’ Week 2018 and I’ve been a Current Student Rep since March.

I ran for the Student Assembly because I wanted to get more involved with the QMU (my favourite place on campus) and to be able to do more for the Campaigns and Charities committee.

At the President's Dinner with Heather, C&C Convenor

So far, I’ve taken up the position of ‘lefty’ of the C&C committee [the assistant to the convenor), I’m in the process of introducing the ‘Ask for Angela’ scheme at the Union, and I've recently taken on the role of 'Keychange Champion' meaning I'll be monitoring and promoting the QMU's commitment to more diverse gender representation.

My favourite part of being a board member at QMU is the feeling of being part of a community and making a difference within it. I’ve got to know all the friends I made during Freshers’ Week so much better and met even more fantastic people since then!

- Zara, Current Student Representative


Nominations are now open for our Autumn By-elections. Head to our governance page to find out how you can get involved and #AmplifyYourVoice

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