Meet the Assembly - Josh, Social Convenor

Alright troops, my name is Josh and I’m the current Social Convenor of the student Assembly here at the QM.

The norm now is for me to start pure firing in all these buzzwords to a huge sales pitch, that make you consider running to be a part of our Student Assembly; but I’m not going to do that.

Instead I’ll tell you how it really is: heavy sound.

You might have these big conceptions that it’s all serious folk that run for student elections, that treat every single discussion as if it’s parliament. I would say that’s far from the truth. Reality is, it’s just a bunch of people that want to make a difference to the Union, as they want to offer students the best possible services at the Uni. Right, I’m not being soppy here but it’s a pure good feeling organising stuff and seeing students enjoying them, while eating good food and drinking adult beverages *

With my main man Sandy during Freshers' Week

So, closing statement: give it a go, it’s not as bad as you think and if you think you have to be serious; just remember the fact I wrote an article on where to fire out a Jobby on campus, and I’m on the Assembly.

- Josh, Social Convenor 19/20

*(please drink only if aged to do so and drink responsibly)


Nominations are now open for our Autumn By-elections. Head to our governance page to find out how you can get involved and #AmplifyYourVoice

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