IWD 2019 | QMU Makes a Pledge For Parity

Hey folks! Nicole here from the Events Department at QMU…

Did you know that today — 8th March — is International Women’s Day? It’s a subject real close to my heart, so I thought I’d take a second to tell you all about it.

International Women’s Day (IWD) is a celebration of the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women worldwide. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating and encouraging gender parity. Women’s Day has actually occurred for well over a century, believe it or not, with the first IWD gathering being part of the Suffragette movement back in 1911! And look at it go… carrying itself all the way through fourth wave feminism and the 21st century! A million thanks owed to our great grannies… 👌

In honour of this important cause, we here at the QMU Events Department have teamed up with our Board of Management to create a pledge this year. A pledge for parity.

Inspired by the DJ legend that is Annie Mac, for Freshers' Week 2019 we’re making the Equalising Music Pledge. This means that in September, our Freshers' Week line up will adhere to the 50/50 gender representation rule for our headline acts. A common pledge now spreading through most UK music festival circuits like wildfire, and one that we have the backing from our incoming President Courtney Hughes to support:

"I’m really happy to support this pledge and excited to start working on Freshers' Week 2019. It’s really disappointing to see music festivals all over the world forgetting that women exist. Last year we made an effort to ensure our Freshers' Week line up included women - but it’s not enough. We should not have to ensure an effort is made to include women, it should just be something that is done. Women exist within the music industry and it’s about time we started paying attention to them."

We believe it’s time. Gender parity isn’t ‘in fashion’. It’s the norm. And we’re happy to make International Women’s Day every day, here at Queen Margaret Union… Our ol’ Maggie would approve after all, wouldn’t she?

Rock on… rock boldly, babes. 🙌

Nicole Stapinski

Senior Events & Publicity Assistant



Here are some musically-inclined, femme-focused events and collectives you can get involved with today. AND in the coming weeks and months… just in GLASGOW alone!

Go on and take your pick:

Scottish Women Inventing Music Launch | GLASGOW - 8 March

King Tut’s + Tenement TV Presents QUEEN TUT’S | GLAGSOW - 8 March

Glasgow Women’s Recovery Communities IWD Event | GLASGOW - 8 March

International Women’s Day at The Blue Arrow | GLASGOW - 8 March

Play It Like a Woman All-Dayer | GLASGOW - 9 March

Queens of Noise | GLASGOW - 16 & 17 March

Flying Moon Music & Arts Festival 2019 | GLASGOW - 15 June

Female Musicians Scotland | GLASGOW - Ongoing forum events TBA

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