Being a First Year Board Member during Covid! - Why you should join board!

Hello, my name is Maria Bahilo and I am an undergraduate Genetics student. I am the First Year Current Student Representative at the Queen Margaret Union.

I first heard of the QMU through their freshers’ events. My eye was caught by all the music gigs that the union had put together throughout the years, with true legends performing in their stage. As I learned more about all the other committees, events and ideologies of the union, I knew that I wanted to be a part of the people that made all these things happen. I ran for First Year CSR and was welcomed by the board.

Now, being part of the board, my interest in this union continues to grow. The friendly and kind board members, the sense of initiative and the desire to have fun is ceaseless, even when our normal lives seemed to have come to a stop.

My favourite part of being a board member has been that, no matter how small the comment, my voice has always been heard. I have loved getting to know the union and some of the people that make it so exciting. I’ve had the chance of exploring some of the QMU’s committees, in particular the Social committee and the CBP (Constitution, Bylaws and Policies) committee, and have participated in various meetings, made my first ever quiz round, and collaborated on an Elephant in the Room initiative.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made things different, as most of our events have been hosted online. Though I am saddened not to have had the chance to meet and engage with people physically, the COVID-19 restrictions have also meant that I’ve had more time to be familiarised with the union, meeting great people (online) along the way.

I would highly recommend all students to join the QMU board. They will be met by an inclusive and encouraging community where their voice will always be heard.

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