So ends the first week (well 3 days) of my Presidency. It's been weird settling in as not much has changed from what I was doing before except that I'm doing more of it. I've enjoyed the first few days a lot though and have enjoyed taking on some interesting projects.

Today I researched the #letthemusicplay movement and wrote a statement in support of them and uploaded it onto our socials.

I completed and submitted the proposal to socially distance our bar spaces and make them Corona friendly.

I organised the agenda for our Board Meeting on Monday and arranged a Google Form for Board Members to submit questions for reports.

I started work on and mostly finished a proposal to improve student safety on campus by bringing loanable Portable Chargers, Improved Lighting and the 'Ask for Angela' scheme to the Union.

As always I did the usual daily email/admin stuff.

Thanks for reading, have a great weekend.

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