01/07/20- Day 1

Hello and welcome to my diary. In my manifesto I promised to publish daily updates on what I was working on, to ensure a more transparent and honest Union. Tune in here to find out what I've been working on to make the QMU and UofG a better place for our students.


My first day as President has been a rather odd one. Having been working from lockdown for the past month or so, it's not felt too different from just a standard day in the office. Here's what I've been working on today:

  • The usual admin stuff you'd expect from a first day. I checked my emails, read the introductionary documents, changed the passwords and signatures.

  • I read, took notes and familiarised myself with the Union's current constitution.

  • I contacted Unite, the Union, to start the long process towards a better working relationship with Unite and an improved Union.

  • I created a set of ideas for our Charities Convenor to help them fundraise in the current pandemic and I helped our Publications Convenor with the Qmunicate fundraiser.

  • I worked on some proposals for our bars in the year ahead.

  • I researched solutions for improving student safety including ordering new floodlights and getting portable chargers to loan.

  • I prepared some content for our Social Media.

Overall it was a busy (for lockdown) day but not bad for a first one. I'm sure being President won't hit properly untill we're actually in the office but I'm very excited to work with our amazing team this year.

Thanks and Best Wishes,

Ruaraidh, President 2020/21

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