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Candidate Photographs

Please email two colour photographs of yourself to with the subject ‘Your Name - Photographs.’ These must be sent by the deadline for nominations.


Manifesto - Why Do You Want to be a Representative?


For Non-Exec Candidates - 

To simplify manifestos, we would simply like you to answer the question – ‘Why do you want to be a Rep?’ Please prepare a short response to this question, outlining why you’re running and what it is you would like to do on Student Assembly. Each candidate’s response to the question ‘why do you want to be a Rep?’ will be displayed (alongside their photo) in an election small-sheet at the polling station and online on the day of the election. There is a 300 word count. 

For Executive Candidates -

Please include a manifesto which outlines your key policies and plans for if you win the election. This is your chance to tell students why they should vote for you! 

All Candidates- 

Please include a short introduction which may include your age, year and subject of study. This is not included in the word count.

Your ‘manifestos’ should be attached as a word document and emailed to with the subject ‘Your Name – Election Material’ before 4pm on 26th February. Corrections for spelling, grammar etc. will not be made on your behalf. Similarly, formatting of paragraphs etc. will not be made on your behalf. Your photos and ‘manifestos’ must be sent by the deadline for nominations.

In submitting this form I herby declare:


  • That I have read those sections of the Constitution, Bye-Laws and Policy of the Queen Margaret Union relevant to this election and the position for which I am standing;

  • That I am, and will continue to be for the term of my office, a registered student of the University of Glasgow and a member of the Queen Margaret Union at the time of this election (unless running for Former Student Member), and I permit the Executive Committee to confirm my student status with the Registry;

  • That, should this situation change, I will inform the Executive Committee within seven days and abide by the Board of Management’s decision thereafter

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