2021 annual general election

Student representatives

These are the most junior positions available in these elections and provide a fantastic opportunity for students to become involved in our Representation system. All of the Union's policies are set by the Board of Management and student reps play a vital role within the Board as they are the voice of the membership within our decision making process. These are great roles for those who want to take their first steps within representation, increase their involvement with the QMU, become an active part of our community and influence change at the Union, the University and beyond. Positions available -


4 seats - 12 month term


3 seats - 6 month term


2 seats - 6 month term 

*Only open to students in their First Year of Matriculation at UofG


2 seats - 12 month term



These positions are key to the running of our Union as they head up our vital committees which ensure that we remain a Union for students, ran by students. Becoming a Convenor is a great opportunity to become more involved with the Union whilst concentrating on the committees you love. You can click on each position to learn more about the committee which they convene. 

12 month term
12 month term
12 month term
12 month term
12 month term


The Executive positions are the most senior at the Queen Margaret Union with responsibilities which include governance as well as representation. These roles are also involved in the every day running of the QMU and are the successful candidates are expected to commit their time to the QMU. There is support available for the postholders from staff, alumni and other students. They are a fantastic platform to influence change whilst also growing your own potential. Here are the positions described by those who hold them.


12 month term, full-time, paid sabbatical position

As President you are in charge of the Union, its Board and, its daily running alongside our management team. You will work with students and the University to represent students, improve the Union and be its public spokesperson. It’s a challenging, varied and rewarding role with lots of responsibility.


12 month term

As Vice President of Members, clubs and societies I am in charge of ensuring that all of our members and those who use are building are content and accessing everything they need. Opening affiliation for clubs and societies and liaising with them to make sure everyone is content and getting the most from the union that they can. In a non-covid year this would entail taking room bookings and helping clubs and societies host events in the building. The VPMCS is responsible for the union members so must oversee the membership process, including life members, and consider the membership perks etc to encourage as many people to get involved as possible. On a weekly basis the main crux of the role is to assist the president whenever possible, attend weekly management meetings, oversee the unions finances and generally be of use for all the members of staff and members. However, one of the most fun and biggest jobs the VPMCS must undertake is to plan freshers’ week. This involves chairing meetings with the convenors to create a freshers’ timetable, interviewing potential freshers’ helpers, attending cross campus meetings to discuss freshers’ plans and helping make sure everyone is enjoying themselves and having the best possible beginning of term.


12 month term

The position of VP Board is one that gives you great freedom in management of how you see the union. You oversee the board and are responsible for socials, management and if you fancy (hopefully not..) even discipline! That aside, it includes admin work like minuting and overseeing meetings with the whole board and management.

nominate yourself

For more information and to nominate yourself, please download the following documents and, if you wish to #AmplifyYourVoice then return the completed Nomination Form and all required information by 4pm on Friday 26th February! You can also nominate yourself by submitting the interactive form below. If you have any further questions please email! Good luck, and we will see you soon. 

Candidates' Information Pack (MUST READ)

Downloadable Nomination Form (Complete and return this OR the form below by 4pm 26th February)

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Proposer 1
Proposer 2

Candidate Photographs

Please email two colour photographs of yourself to with the subject ‘Your Name - Photographs.’ These must be sent by the deadline for nominations.


Manifesto - Why Do You Want to be a Representative?


For Non-Exec Candidates - 

To simplify manifestos, we would simply like you to answer the question – ‘Why do you want to be a Rep?’ Please prepare a short response to this question, outlining why you’re running and what it is you would like to do on Student Assembly. Each candidate’s response to the question ‘why do you want to be a Rep?’ will be displayed (alongside their photo) in an election small-sheet at the polling station and online on the day of the election. These must adhere to the word limit prescribed in the guide.

For Executive Candidates -

Please include a manifesto which outlines your key policies and plans for if you win the election. This is your chance to tell students why they should vote for you! 

All Candidates- 

Please include a short introduction which may include your age, year and subject of study. This is not included in the word count.

Your ‘manifestos’ should be attached as a word document and emailed to with the subject ‘Your Name – Election Material’ before 4pm on 26th February. Corrections for spelling, grammar etc. will not be made on your behalf. Similarly, formatting of paragraphs etc. will not be made on your behalf. Your photos and ‘manifestos’ must be sent by the deadline for nominations.

In submitting this form I herby declare:


  • That I have read those sections of the Constitution, Bye-Laws and Policy of the Queen Margaret Union relevant to this election and the position for which I am standing;

  • That I am, and will continue to be for the term of my office, a registered student of the University of Glasgow and a member of the Queen Margaret Union at the time of this election (unless running for Former Student Member), and I permit the Executive Committee to confirm my student status with the Registry;

  • That, should this situation change, I will inform the Executive Committee within seven days and abide by the Board of Management’s decision thereafter

Thanks for submitting! Good luck!