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Mental Wellbeing

We know that coming back to university can be a daunting time for some, and for others who are just starting it can be even more overwhelming. The QMU is dedicated to ensuring that your university experience is the best it can be both through our events and ongoings, but as well through our support and pledge to help all students when it comes to their mental wellbeing.

Mental wellbeing

Taking care of our Mental Health has never been more important than it is now. For years we have attempted to improve the support on campus through various campaigns and initiatives, namely, our Elephant in the Room campaign.  ​We have decided to create a section of our website that brings this work together as well as providing a link to useful contacts and resources. We also recommend you check out the SRC's services and campaigns on their website as we all strive together to create a caring and supportive community.

Whilst Elephant in the Room has organised various events and campaigns aimed at supporting students and improving their Mental Wellbeing, we have also collectively fundraised for local and national charities such as the Mental Health Foundation. Mental Health was highlighted by students as the single-most important issue which they desired more support in at the University of Glasgow in our study of student attitudes in 2018. There was a clear desire shown in our findings that many students would feel more comfortable engaging with the QMU than other University services and organisations. This is why we believe it is crucial that we do our part in providing students with opportunities to positively effect their Mental Health. However, we do not provide counselling or professional services, instead, you should contact the University here for information on these. 

We hope that together we can end the stigma surrounding mental health and equip all our our community with the tools they need to positively manage their mental wellbeing. You are not alone. We can do this. 


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