Life Member Voting Form

Why has voting changed?

As you will all be aware, circumstances are currently extremely difficult. The University's workforce is currently stretched and, as such, they are unable to set up temporary GUIDs for all of our Life Members. Instead, they asked us to gauge interest from Life Members in the upcoming election. We received zero notes of interest and, as such, no Life Members were set up to vote by the University. However, we are aware that Life Members were upset by this same process last year and, although we cannot do anything about the University's process, we wanted to ensure Life Members had the right to vote. Therefore, we have created this temporary measure. We aim to have a better method by the March elections

Why are you taking my name, isn't this anonymous?

Unfortunately, the only Unique identifiers we have stored are your email addresses and names. We are working to provide anonymous Unique Identifiers to all Life Members before the Spring Elections. However, it has not been possible as of yet. To ensure your votes are anonymous, Sean O'Connor (Student Engagement Officer) will verify that your submission is valid by checking that you are a member with permission from the Returning Officer. He will then remove your name and pass on your vote to the Assistant Returning Officer to count. Whilst convoluted, it is the only workaround we can provide right now. Be assured, no representative, student or candidate will know who has voted for who.

How to vote -

Please enter your first preference in the box titled 'First Preference' and so on. For a vote to be valid you must list at least one preference, however, you can vote for all of your preferences in each seat. You do not have to vote in every seat, however, we encourage you to do so. Links to manifestos have been provided.

As always, you can vote RON (Re-Open Nominations) for any seat simply by typing RON. 


CSR B (3 Seats)
CSR B (4 Seats)
FYSR A (1 Seat)
FYSR B (1 Seat)
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