We are the Queen Margaret Union, also known as the QMU or simply the QM. We are one of the two students' unions at University of Glasgow and we'll be your home for live music, alternative events, and general good times on campus.


Over the past few months our team of staff and student volunteers have been working round-the-clock to put together what we think is our best and most diverse Freshers' Week line-up yet. 


Here at the QM, we are all about equality. Regardless of your race, your age, your sex, your gender, your beliefs, your body, or anything else: we believe that good times are for all, and we are here to provide them. This is why we've committed to make this Freshers' Week, and all of our in-house events, have a 50:50 gender balance by the year 2022 in association with the Keychange foundation (read more here). Better female & non-binary representation is the future and we are buzzing to be playing our small part in equalising music this Freshers' Week.


If you want to find out more information about who we are, what we do, and how you can get involved once you're settled in at Uni then just drop us a line at (parts of our website are currently under maintenance but everything you need to know will be on there in time for the start of term).

We hope you enjoy the line-up, and you better get yourself ready for an incredible start to your University of Glasgow experience.


Below you'll find the main / headline events we have on each night from Friday 13th to Saturday 21st September. It's worth bearing in mind that the events from Monday 16th - Friday 20th are only accessible by registering for a Freshers' Band (which we'll explain below), whilst the weekend events are open to all students with paid entry.


To stay up to date on all things Freshers' Week, we recommend you like / follow the official University of Glasgow Freshers' Week 2019 accounts, and remember that if you don't see the official #UofGFW19 logo (the round one with Uni tower) then it isn't official.


In the next few days and weeks, we'll share more information about day-time and early evening events we'll have on in the union throughout the week (check out our social media pages to stay up to date), but for now enjoy the night events and get hyped up for a big week.


During Freshers' if you're ever unsure about what's on in the QM, just grab one of our super-friendly Freshers' Helpers in the red tops and they'll get you up to script!




To ease you away from home life and into the Uni experience, we're turning the Union into a massive house party. Expect the best tunes, familiar and comfy surroundings, and plenty of crisps and snacks. DJs from student-favourite Glasgow club-night PUSH IT will be controlling the tunes. Come round and make our gaff, your gaff.

Open to all students and signed-in guests. Entry £5.

FRIDAY 13th 

22:00 - 02:00