Exec Manifestos

With our elections in full swing you can view all of our candidates' manifestos here. Make sure you vote at gla.ac.uk/vote between 9am on Wednesday 3rd March and 5pm on Thursday 4th March.

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Hiya I’m Josh, a 4th year History student and I have been involved in the QMU for three years, serving as Social Convenor for two of these. I originally got involved to make positive changes for my fellow students, and I feel best placed to do this as

President. I’ve been involved with all of the QMU’s committees, and this experience has taught me that we are stronger together. The students need a candidate to fight for them, to lead with positivity and enthusiasm, and who will strive to make the QMU the best it can be.


• I believe our best events are produced in collaboration. As Social Convenor I’ve worked with the Campaigns & Charities Committee in organising quizzes for Black History Month and LGBTQ+ History month, and had support from the Publications Committee in promoting our events in their magazine. We have also seen the benefits of working with other student bodies this year, notably during Freshers’ Week, which is something I would want to continue.


• As President I will prioritise positivity in leading the QMU. I will support all member and Student Assembly proposals by sharing previous suggestions and working with the assembly to formulate them. I will continue to be a fully involved and approachable face within the union by attending committees, meeting with convenors and staff, and being open and honest in the role.

• We need to continue to listen to what students want from the QMU.

i. They’ve said the place looks dated, so I will prioritise updating areas such as Venue and Bar.

ii. I will widen our drinks selection and look into providing more regular drink deals (a cause close to my heart).

iii. I will look into creating more study space within the building, by reviewing our current spaces and talking with the university.

iv. I will prioritise members’ voices by asking for and welcoming suggestions from those who attend our events regarding what they would like to see, or feel could be improved upon.

• I want to stand up and protect students, while offering them a reputable safe space on campus.

i. I will uphold our Zero Tolerance policy, as well as promoting the Keychange  initiatives in our Freshers’ Week line-ups.

ii. I will ensure student safety in the QMU by updating and promoting support information materials, e.g. helplines, safety guides.

iii. I will continue to lobby the university on pressing issues like their involvement in the Arms Trade, and encourage their efforts to make the university more sustainable by ensuring it is discussed at official University meetings.

iv. We must support students’ mental health during this pandemic to our usual high standard. I will ensure our mental health campaign Elephant in the Room is best supported by seeking to improve their funding.

• As we head towards hopefully better times, my ambition as President is to push the QMU to the forefront of rejuvenating campus life. In my role as Social Convenor I have been part of the organisation of successful events which have been popular with students and made a profit for the union. The biggest challenge we face this year is the return from pandemic restrictions. I will work with the Student Assembly, management and cross campus to come up with safe ways to facilitate events that students want to see.


A vote for me is a vote for a union that puts students first, a union that stands up for what is right and a union that is stronger together.

A vote for Josh will take the union to its Hayday!


My name is Susanna, I’m a fourth year Classics student and current QMU Publications Convenor, and I’m running to be the next president of the QMU! For the past two years I have been directly involved in the activities of the QMU as Online Editor and now Editor in Chief for qmunicate.


I’ve run many events, including creative workshops, talks, and launch parties, led successful fundraisers for charities including Ubuntu Women’s Shelter, and published three qmunicate issues.


If elected as QMU President, my key priorities are:


- to ensure the QMU creates a strong platform for activist voices on campus and is vocal in the fight for sustainability and human rights


- to ensure the QMU is a safe, supportive and inclusive space for all


- to ensure the QMU increases its focus on supporting, nurturing and showcasing creative talent at UofG


It is essential that QMU becomes a stronger platform for activist voices on campus. I will continue offering active and explicit support to groups fighting climate change and set up an online platform for better communication on how students can fight climate change at home. Additionally, I will make sure we increase our levels of sustainability by introducing a weekly community kitchen and permanent communal food resources within the QMU. I will also work alongside societies such as GU Food Co-op and GUEST to dedicate a space in the union for donations to be taken to food banks by volunteers.

It is also crucial for the Union to provide inclusive support for students on campus. I will ensure QMU remains firm in upholding our pro-choice stance and work closely with Glasgow Students for Choice and Elephant in the Room to increase mental health awareness and support concerning reproductive rights. Additionally, I’ll set up an optionally anonymous online complaints box for students regarding housing, rent and landlords and redirect them to experienced activists such as Living Rent and Students Tenants’ Union. I will also ask GUSTU to collaborate with us in informative events to educate students on their rights as tenants. I will make sure our Zero Tolerance for sexual assault policy remains firmly in place, and push for more cross-campus conversations on how to signal, report cases and communicate between student bodies better.

Finally, as an established music venue, the QMU has a long history of supporting the arts: I will make sure not only we remain a platform for musicians, but increase our involvement with student creatives across campus. These long months of lockdown have been difficult for artists: I will plan regular collaborations with arts-based societies (theatre, poetry, visual arts, etc) and offer them support and visibility to further foster the community of creatives at GU. I will also strive to have our bars repainted into brighter colours to match our bran-ding and welcome everyone back after lockdown with a more colourful and inviting atmo-sphere!


To make the QMU a more activist, inclusive and creative space, vote Susanna Zarli #1 QMU President!

Vice President Membership, clubs and societies


My name is Lachlan and I’m a 3rd year Law Student who’s running for re-election, but for VP MCS this year! I spent 2020-21 as the VP Board and helped push the Union through the coronavirus pandemic alongside the help of our fantastic board. I am running again to continue the work that this year’s Executive has done, which includes an amount of Constitutional and Bye-Law policy work, and hopefully see out a return of physical Freshers’ Week!


In my typical manifesto style, I will list out my goals and aspirations should I get elected:

  1. Continue our work on QMU’s policy
    Quite boring but necessary! This year we’ve made great work on the Constitution and fixed a number of errors. I’d like to continue the plans this year’s Exec for policy and push them into the next era as we continue to safeguard the union.


  2. Persist on the importance of Cross Campus
    A silver-lining in this year’s Exec has been our Cross Campus relationships. Our bond with the GUU and GUSA has been stronger than it’s ever been, and I hope even after Covid-19 we can continue that. Friendly competitions and varsity days would be great to extend our boards to each other rather than just Exec and hopefully truly create a board Cross Campus relationship. In addition, simply catching up and getting drinks and food together is a great way to continue to allow these friendships to blossom


  3. Revamp and recommence the work on the QMU website
    Over the last few weeks I have begun making updates and fixes to the QMU website. Over summer I will seek out some external help from a Computing Science friend who wants to help me in my ‘battle’ to make the QMU website more intuitive and easier to navigate!


  4. Move or recreate the society hub board (online and physical)
    The board on level 3 should be moved at least into the ground floor next to café! Students don’t often venture up to level 3 and it would be great to display our affiliated societies and what they have on in the main foyer.


  5. Continue our relationship with student activism voices in the lead up to COP26 and beyond
    Our work this year with the student voice has been fantastic. I’d like to continue Ruaraidh and Laoise’s work and continue supporting these causes and establish QMU as a hub for the COP26.


  6. Look at creating membership/life member newsletter in conjunction with Board/Pubs
    It would be fantastic to do a bi-monthly newsletter (if we’re open) to update what is happening in the QMU. We currently do emails, but I feel like an actual digital newsletter with a bit of writing from actual board members, and what they’ve been doing, is more engaging. It will also be nice to forward to life members and past board members and let them know what their equivalents are doing these days!


  7. Promise to try offer the greatest Freshers’ Week experience that we can
    This one is a bit trickier, but hence why I promise to try the best I, and we, can. I hope that by September (even August) we are in a position where our bars can open, and thus build on the experience of last year’s Freshers’ Week, or if not do more. Hopefully background music is allowed so we can at least offer live music if not club nights.

Vice-President Board of management


My name is Laoise McWilliams, I’m a third-year English Lit student, the current QMU VPMCS and hoping to be the new VP Board. Being on board has been an invaluable experience, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being an executive of the union and would really appreciate the chance to keep on going for another year. The past year has been a bit chaotic to say the least but QMU has been one of the most consistently fun and rewarding places to be involved in. Between running about like a headless chicken during Freshers’ to writing minutes in constitution and byelaw committees – I’ve genuinely enjoyed the year and think I have a lot more to offer the place.


Some of the key things I’d like to accomplish over the next year include:

-    Continuing work on our constitution and byelaws: This year we’ve tried to work on the constitution as a board to ensure that it is reflective of the ethos of the union and


-    Ensuring all board members are supported with their own personal projects: I aim to host semi-regular catch ups with each of the board members to help with any proposals or ideas they may have. I also want to host some regular board socials hopefully when covid regulations permit to help unify the board a bit more and build more of a sense of community.supports our aims as a board as much as possible. I want to ensure this work continues by encouraging board members to attend committee meetings to voice their opinions.

-    Build a more collaborative system between our affiliated clubs and societies and our committees: As VPMCS this year I noticed a discrepancy between the list of affiliated clubs’ & societies and those our committees tend to collaborate with. I will work with our incoming VPMCS to rebuild the affiliation system which will provide the template for better working relationships between our committees and those who use the building regularly. This could also create a more proactive board which communicates with the wider student base more effectively.

-    Cross Campus relations: The past year we have worked very closely with the other student bodies placing student support and experience at the top of our priorities. As we move closer (fingers crossed) to a normal world I think it’s vital these relationships continue. I aim to collaborate further with the student bodies to maintain a united focus for all students and use our shared voices to amplify student issues to proactively attempt to tackle them. Also, we lost miserably to the SRC exec at covid friendly beer pong and I’m really not settling for that type of behaviour so you’re just going to have to vote me back for the chance to sort that situation out.

-    Bring back board sweatshirts