The C&C Committee are the leaders of fundraising at the Queen Margaret Union! Want to help make money for local, national and international charities? Well, look no further!


The Events Committee is one of the richest in history at the QMU! From the old but golds of Queen and Nirvana, to the new era of Clairo and Sam Fender, the QMU has had them all!

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mental health & welfare

Our mental health campaign known as Elephant in the Room was formalised into a committee that is 100% dedicated to student's mental health and welfare!


qmunicate is our award-winning magazine that is completely run by students! Want to try out your writing, or maybe you are interested in illustration and design? Pubs is the place to be for you!

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Want to be part of our quizzes, karaoke, and more; or do you have a bold new idea of what should be taking place during the week at the QMU?Well, social committee is always wanting ideas!


Want to get professional experience whilst at uni?  Work professional gigs and shows whilst getting invaluable experience, and even meet acts!? Tech does it all, and you get to play with lights!

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