Campaigns & Charities (or C&C for short) meet on Mondays at 17:00, find out more here. C&C’s main remit is to discuss what charities and campaigns the Union will support. First a bit about campaigns.



The QMU has a great legacy of supporting a wide range of campaigns and causes through various forms of activism: our members were part of the Suffrage movement that won women the vote; they campaigned for peace during both World Ward; they marched against the apartheid in South Africa and the implementation of the poll tac in the 80’s; they’ve been front and centre at Glasgow’s pride marches for decades; and to this day they strive to be at the forefront when it comes to fighting for equality on all levels. Sound good to you? Well come along and make your cause, our cause. Whether you are up for signing a petition or staging a full sit-in, C&C exists to help our members affect positive change on campus and beyond, and the more people we have doing that, the better.



The other part of C&C is fundraising for charities, both local and national. While there are many societies on campus for specific charities, C&C take a broader approach and raise money for a number of charities over the year. Who gets to choose the charities? You do! If there is a cause close to your heart, C&C want to hear it. In the past the committee have raised thousands of pounds for charities such as Sense Scotland, SAMH, Terrance Higgins Trust, Toilet Twinning and many more using a variety of methods: some quite taxing such as running marathons, and some more simple like doing bake sales.

Meetings are Mondays at 5pm in the Board Room @ QMU!